NEW! Hot Stamp Gas Spring Range

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The newly available HS Hot Stamp range of gas springs from Metrol have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of the hot stamping environment.  Metal, dust, and debris from the hot stamping process including pitting, scratching, and corrosion of piston rods, can all lead to early failure in standard gas springs.  Metrol’s HS range of springs are engineered to reduce and eliminate these issues, and to provide a gas spring that can perform in the hot stamp environment without any reduction in life.  The combination of the following protective design elements results in a spring with un-paralleled performance in hot stamp applications.


High Temperature Seals

Long Life in high temperature environments

Specially Developed Piston Rods

High corrosion resistance

Low friction co-efficiency

Withstands exceptional loads and wear

High impact resistance

High abrasion resistance

Tri-Scraper and Dual Scraper Systems – Ultimate Seal Protection

Removes all contaminates from small dust particles to larger metal fragments

Combination of wiper materials for increased effectiveness

Resistance to damage from metal debris

Flexible with Side Loading


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