Drilling and Tapping

We offer a wide variety of Drilling and Tapping solutions depending on the size and scale of your application.  Please see the list of companies we represent and contact us for further information to discuss your application.


Manufacturer’s  We Work With

Hypneumat, Inc. – Drilling and Tapping Units and Multiple-Spindle Heads for Industrial Automation, Special Machines.

Commander – Multiple-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Heads

Snow – Clutch Tapping Units, Fixtures, and Rebuilt Drilling and Tapping Machines

Flex-Arm – Tapping & Assembly Arm Solutions, Die Grinding Arms, Torque Arms, Part Manipulators, Helicoil Arms, Specials/Customs, Accessories and Tooling

Flex Drill CNC – FlexArm has recently launched FlexDrill; A new line of large bed CNC Machines at an affordable price.

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