Hypneumat, Inc.


Hypneumat, Inc. manufactures an array of automatic drilling units, tapping units and multiple spindle heads under the Hypneumat, Commander and Snow brands. Hypneumat also specializes in contract machining services offering multi-axis turning and vertical machining capabilities.  Gro-Mac is the ONLY authorized mid-west distributor in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, & Kentucky.


Products Offered:

Self Feeding Drill Units, Tap Units and Lead Screw Units

Multi Spindle Heads – Hypneumat & Commander

SNOW – Components


Engineering Information (Drawings)

Special Machines

Replacement Parts

Precision Machining Services

Check out our YOUTUBE VIDEOS HERE to see Hypneumat Units in action, and more.


How To Change a LeadScrew and Nut – Youtube Video

How to Break Loose a Jammed Lead Screw Unit – Youtube Video

Lead Screw Tapper Set Up – Youtube Video

Replacement of Memolube Greaser Cartridge – Youtube Video

How to Determine Proper Motor Rotation for a Lead Screw Tapping Unit – Youtube Video


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