Full Line Card



Hypneumat, Inc. Drilling and Tapping Units for Industrial Automation, Special Machines

Commander Multiple-spindle heads

Snow Components for Snow drilling and tapping machines, 4 sizes of reversing clutch-type Snow tapping heads, as well as a full line of Snow fixtures

Porter Precision Products Inch and Metric Standard and Special Punches and Buttons, Retainers, Die Details, Metrol Nitrogen Cylinders, MDL Guide Pins, Bushings, and Mechanical Springs

Createch (formerly) Rockford, Ettco, Procunier – Drilling and Tapping Solutions

Graham Hydraulics – Hydraulic Equipment & Index Tables

Amcor Standard tooling for the metal forming industry, including Inch and Metric Regular, Reversed, and Counterbored Pad Retainers

Fibro, Inc. – Standard Tool and Die parts including, Pins, Bushings,  Mechanical and Nitrogen Springs, Guide Elements, Precision Components, and more

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